ThinkWall offers audience interaction and engagement solutions for professional events, specialising in social media campaigns backed by leading products, services and equipment. Based in London, the ThinkWall team has been working for and alongside some of the world’s biggest brands to meet challenging demands and objectives.

Ideal for...

Conference Create buzz and increase interaction
Trade Show Multi-zoned content scheduler for advertising and announcements
Annual General Meeting Confidential audience feedback and interaction
Festival Capture atmosphere, optimized for large screens
Office Installation Updates for staff, and tracking brand mentions
Restaurant Make foodies happy with Instagram, promote special offers
Retail Showcase customer endorsements of your products
Wedding Elegant design, shared experience
Charity Events Text to donate, raise awareness

ThinkWall is a powerful software suite that can be used all, or in part, as a Twitter Wall, Instagram Wall, SMS/MMS Wall or as a full Digital Signage solution. ThinkWall has an excellent Q&A Session app as well as multiple choice Voting, Text to Donate and being developed in house, we can integrate any number of custom feeds and visualizations.

Here is just a selection of some of our happy clients...